RuSino International
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SINCE 2013

RuSino is a specialised international trading company, and a resourceful consulting agency, aimed at those who need tailored and innovative trading solutions.

Based in Hong Kong, we have strong presence in our target markets: Russia and the EU, from where we serve our clients from around the world.

Our trading operations deal with the Russian and Chinese markets. The company focuses on sourcing chemical fibres, rare metals, and chemical compounds in China for chemical and metallurgy sector clients in Russia. In recent years we reached our goal of being amongst the top chemical fibre suppliers to the Russian market.
RuSino is the one-stop-shop for sourcing in China and Russia. We have extensive experience in dealing with suppliers in both markets, and a reliable network of service providers; your goods to your door, at cost-effective prices and in the shortest possible time frame, no hassle.


get in touch: 
let us know the specifications of the goods you are looking for. 

preparation: we will find suppliers, organise logistics, and customs and agree on a price with you

delivery: we will get your goods to wherever you are
A dependable and transparent supply chain is a must for success. We can advise you on building your supply chain: suppliers, logistics, customs - everything necessary to keep your business supplied.


get in touch: provide us some details regarding the supply chain that you need

finalise the requirements: together, we will complete the map of the required supply chain, tailored to your production cycles and other elements unique to your business
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